I’m sorry I’m so late in posting the new covers here! We were having some minor functionality issues with the site, but everything’s back on track!

I’m also going to be working with my web designer on a new look for this site in the spring/summer. But more on that later!

First, new covers!

The Hunt_Cover-FINAL

THE HUNT, book two in the Project Paper Doll series, will be out on April 22, 2014. (You can pre-order now: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and The Book Depository.)

Reasons I’m so excited about The Hunt (and I hope you are too):

1. It picks up almost IMMEDIATELY after the end of The Rules. About two hours after that last scene in book one.

2. Zane’s mom. You have questions. This book has answers. 🙂

3. The “conversation about sex and elbows,” as it was called on Twitter, made it through the editing process intact. (Thank you, Christian and Tracey!) It is possibly one of the most fun/awkward scenes I’ve ever written.

4. We’re not in Wingate anymore! Ariane and Zane are exploring new places and meeting *interesting* new people (ahem, check the cover for a giant clue).

5. If The Rules was very much about Ariane hiding her mixed alien/human heritage, this book is about her reclaiming it and figuring out what that means for her. In other words, lots of running around, hunting (!), chasing, breaking into places, getting into trouble with Zane, and general badassery that was super fun to write.

6. Kissing. Lots of kissing.

7. Gorgeous cover! I love this new series of covers. I love the assembly line aspect hinted at in both of them. The idea that Ariane is one of many, a number, but also an individual. Something that’s mimicked in the way that she has two designations: Ariane Tucker and GTX-F-107.

Fun fact: The model portraying Ariane and [redacted] on the cover for The Hunt is the same model who portrayed Ariane on the original cover for The Rules. (Thanks, Kaitlyn!)

And speaking of The Rules, here’s the bright and shiny new cover for the paperback:
The Rules pbk Cover_FINAL

So excited that it will match The Hunt. The paperback for The Rules will be out on April 1, 2014.

Add The Hunt on Goodreads

Add The Rules on Goodreads

Also, stay tuned for excerpts, contests, and giveaways over the next few months! And if you pre-order, hang on to your confirmation email/receipt. There’s a contest just for you, coming up soon. 🙂

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