Sunday, our start date for the Flowers in the Attic read/re-read, is fast approaching! Yay! 🙂

(The above is the cover I remember from high school)

After a brief discussion with some of the others who are going to be participating, I think we’re going to add a teensy bit of structure, just to make the conversation easier and to keep first-time readers from stumbling across spoilers.

We’re going to aim to read two chapters, every other day, and discuss accordingly. You can definitely read ahead—I probably will—but we’re going to try to limit our tagged discussion (#fiaread) to the current chapters (or earlier chapters in the book, obviously).

So, for Sunday, we’re going to read the Prologue and Goodbye, Daddy (Andrews uses chapter titles instead of numbers) and discuss/post/etc. That’s about 36 pages, give or take.

Then, for Tuesday, we’ll be discussing the next two chapters: The Road to Riches and The Grandmother’s House (as well as earlier chapters, if desired.) And so on and so forth. 🙂

Hopefully that makes sense! Let me know if you have questions. I’m so looking forward to this!!! (I kind of cheated and read the first few lines when I got my new copy, and I’d forgotten how much I like her style of writing.)

Also, ahem, check out the uber-creepy—if you know the story—new cover that came out last year or so:

They made it look so YA and…happy. *shudders* I believe it was originally classified as Horror, btw.

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