I LOVED Flowers in the Attic in high school. It saved me, as books are so prone to doing.

My family moved mid-way through my eighth grade year, and I went from socially awkward with a few friends to socially awkward new girl with zero friends. Ugh.

But when I was a lonely, bookish freshman (still bookish!), a girl named April gave me her copy of Flowers in the Attic, and I was hooked. I read pretty much everything that V.C. Andrews produced after that. Her stories were so dark and twisted, but they were about families (dark and twisted families, obvs) and therefore, sort of relatable. In a watching-a-car-wreck kind of way.

Plus, because Flowers in the Attic was the book EVERYONE was talking about and passing around (because of *that* scene), I finally had something to talk to other people about. Yay for easy conversation starters! 😀

In any case, in preparation for the upcoming Flowers in the Attic TV movie on Lifetime (check out the trailer), which starts in January, I want to re-read and discuss the book. I’m curious to see how much of what I remember is accurate and heck, I want to see what I think of it now, years later.

And I totally want to discuss it with others who are doing the same thing. 🙂 And people who are reading it for the first time, too! Want to join me?

Here are the details:

—We’re going to start on 12/1. (I have to track down another copy of the book. My old one is in my parents’ attic somewhere—HA! Plus, I have a book due that I need to finish first.)

—There are about a half a dozen people on my Facebook page who are going to read and discuss. If you want to join us there, just send me a friend request.

—If you want to discuss on Twitter or Tumblr instead (as I will be, but probably mostly on Twitter), just use the hashtag: #fiaread. I’ll find you. 🙂

Yay! So looking forward to re-reading this book and hopefully lots of discussion.

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