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Sunday, our start date for the Flowers in the Attic read/re-read, is fast approaching! Yay! 🙂

(The above is the cover I remember from high school)

After a brief discussion with some of the others who are going to be participating, I think we’re going to add a teensy bit of structure, just to make the conversation easier and to keep first-time readers from stumbling across spoilers.

We’re going to aim to read two chapters, every other day, and discuss accordingly. You can definitely read ahead—I probably will—but we’re going to try to limit our tagged discussion (#fiaread) to the …

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I LOVED Flowers in the Attic in high school. It saved me, as books are so prone to doing.

My family moved mid-way through my eighth grade year, and I went from socially awkward with a few friends to socially awkward new girl with zero friends. Ugh.

But when I was a lonely, bookish freshman (still bookish!), a girl named April gave me her copy of Flowers in the Attic, and I was hooked. I read pretty much everything that V.C. Andrews produced after that. Her stories were so dark and twisted, but they were about families (dark and …

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