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Less than two months to go until THE RULES is on shelves! So excited for you guys to read it. And honestly, I cannot wait to hold the finished book in my hands. At 416 pages, it’s the longest thing I’ve written yet.

I’ve also heard a rumor that the paper for the jacket cover will have a gorgeous velvety soft texture, similar the jacket for the original edition of CODE NAME VERITY (an amazing book). I don’t know for sure if that’s how things ended up, though. So, weird as it sounds, I’m eager to get my hands on …

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Chapter One
Alona Dare

Dying should have been the worst moment in my life.

I mean, hello, getting run over by a school bus full of band geeks while wearing the regulation gym uniform of red polyester short shorts and a practically see-through white T-shirt? It doesn’t get more tragic than that. Or, so I thought.

On Thursday, three days AD (after death…duh), I woke in the usual way—flat on my back and just to the left of the yellow lines on Henderson Street with the heat of a bus engine passing over my face.

It wasn’t “the” bus, obviously. …

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Chapter Two
Will Killian

Laughing at the dead is never a good idea. But I couldn’t help it. The great Alona Dare, reduced to a crying, runnynosed bobblehead? How often do you get to see stuff like that?

Not often. Unless, of course, you’re me. Lucky, lucky me.

But it was also me who, above anyone else, should have understood that laughing at someone else’s expense always comes with a karmic price.

“Mr. Killian.” Principal Robert “Sonny” Brewster greeted me as soon as my foot crossed over the threshold into the school. “Glad you could join us today. Though you …

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