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I’ve been getting questions over the last month or so about what I’m going to do once the third book in The Ghost and the Goth series is finished. And I haven’t been able to say anything! Aaaaaaaah! 🙂 So difficult to keep a lid on my excitement!

As is proper, we had to wait until everything was official before I could make any sort of announcement. But I’m pleased to say today everything is finally official and I can share this with you:

Publishers Marketplace Announcement

Author of The Ghost and the Goth Stacey Kade’s THE RULES, about a …

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I’m attending the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in L.A. in April, and this is the art my publisher created for the poster and program ad. Isn’t it gorgeous? 🙂 And I LOVE the headline! As a former copywriter, believe me, I know the blood, sweat, tears and rolls of Tums that go into getting those words just right. The fewer words involved, the harder it is, in my experience. And this headline is just PERFECT!


Other random stuff…

–Still polishing my draft of G&G3. At the stage where I’m going through and looking for my favorite (AKA overused) phrases and …

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Posting this a) because it is awesome and b) so my mom can show it to her class (school might block YouTube).

I’m amazed at how skilled this little kid is at acting with that HUGE Darth Vader mask on. I mean, you can tell when he’s disappointed, dejected, taken aback, etc. without being able to see his face. That’s impressive. I think my favorite part is either with the doll or him stalking the dog down the hall. The dad’s expression at the end is pretty good, too. Yea for parents who encourage creativity!

Also, how much do you …

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