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As most of you know, I’m a little on the obsessive side, particularly when it comes to Supernatural. So, it shouldn’t be a really huge surprise that I’ve spent waaaay too much time thinking about this idea and this show. (Have to do something when I’m not writing!)

That being said, my only examples are from my own family (which I describe below), so I’m interested to hear your take on things as well! (By the way, there are spoilers through Season 5 but no Season 6 stuff in this blog post, just so you know.) And if you’re …

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My goal was to update my blog every Sunday, but I’ve been a little off schedule since the holidays and with working on G&G3.

So, even though today isn’t Sunday, I’m going to post a short update today with the goal of a real post next weekend. (Any topics? I ALWAYS need blog topics. I’m happy to blather on about anything, but have trouble coming up with specific ideas. What do YOU want to hear about, if anything?)

Random G&G stuff:

–Portuguese rights sold last week for G&G and QOTD. Did a little digging and I believe it’s a Brazilian …

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All right, I’m probably not even going to post this, but I HAD to get it off my chest. GAH!

I read lots of books in a variety of areas. Adult, young adult. Science fiction, paranormal, contemporary, urban fantasy, historical, romance, mystery. Serious, funny, absurd.

I go to each of these books for a different reason. Sometimes I want to be scared. Sometimes I want to cry or be deeply moved. Sometimes I just want to go along for the ride while we’re slaying demons or trying not be seduced by one.

I don’t consider any of these genres or …

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