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I get emails every once in awhile asking about writing advice. As with anything writing-related, every experience is different and everyone has their own way of doing things, but I thought I’d write about what has helped me. Maybe you’ll find it helpful or maybe it’ll be one more method to check off your list before trying something else. And that’s okay, too–remember, there really is no one way to write a book (h/t once again to Ally Carter for that phrase)!

So, this week, it’s about process. I don’t know how it works for everyone else, but writing for …

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When I started thinking about writing G&G, I didn’t have a name for the ghost girl who’d been killed by the bus. Actually, I didn’t have a full name for anyone. I only knew Killian was Killian and that that was his last name. I didn’t know his first name was Will for a LONG time.

But back to Alona (much like she’d prefer it)…I knew what she was mostly like: dead, bitchy, sarcastic, cheerleader. But I also knew she had vulnerabilities she was not willing to reveal and that much of what people did not like about her was …

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I received the final cover for Queen of the Dead and permission to post it. I really love it and am so excited to share it with you guys!

Without further ado:


If you’ve seen the previous version, you’ll note that the main difference is in Will’s expression. He looks just a little bit more annoyed, which delights me. 🙂 Though his life is certainly better than it was before, Alona still drives him crazy on a regular basis. That’s just part of who they are together. And I think this image reflects that better.

We still have the gorgeous …

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I’ve been looking for a topic to blog about and, coincidentally, I’ve gotten a few emails lately asking me about how I found my publisher, how the process works, how long did it take me to get published, etc. (Also, a couple of you suggested this as a topic when I asked–thank you for that. I’m terrible at figuring out post topics!)

So, here we go…

Wait. Before I start this, I have to say that this is just MY experience. Yours may be totally different. Just as there is no one way to write a book (tip of the …

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