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I went to visit my sister this weekend. She goes to Valparaiso University in Indiana, just as I did. It’s amazing to me that, even after more than a decade, just being on campus brightens my mood. Old buildings have been torn down and new ones put up in their places; the main road through campus no longer goes all the way through, much to my befuddlement; most of the familiar faces are gone, with the exception of my sister, her friends, and few professors. But it still feels like home to me, in …

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Hey guys…

No vlog today (though I’m still taking suggestions if there are things you want to see/hear about). 😀

But I do have something fun to share. Got permission to share the back cover copy that will be on the ARCs of Queen of the Dead. This is not final, even for the ARCs, and the jacket copy for QOTD will be different as well, but it should give you a pretty good idea of what the book is about!

After being sent back from the light, Alona Dare–former homecoming queen, current Queen of the Dead–finds herself doing

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So, after being horribly embarrassed about the boring state of my junk drawer and the messy state of my kitchen, I’m showing my office. Why? Because it’s slightly more interesting (in my opinion) and because you can meet Pansy (greyhound 2 of 3) 🙂

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This vlog is in response to the challenge my friend and fellow author, Kristen Tracy, issued via Twitter. (If you are not following her on Twitter, you are missing out!)

Before you watch it, however, I must apologize in advance for three things:

1) How very untidy my kitchen is in the following vlog (YIKES. Should I be ashamed? Yes, probably. But when it comes to dealing with the mass amounts of mail we receive and cannot seem to throw away or writing…well, yeah, I’m writing.)

2) That I must have the MOST boring junk drawer in the history …

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