Crap. I’ve been gone for too long. 🙂 But it’s for a good reason, I promise! I’m working hard on the sequel to The Ghost and the Goth, Princess Poltergeist. (As always, my Facebook and Twitter pages– and–are the best place to find me!)

I’m thinking there probably needs to be a bit more routine around my blog updating. I’m good with routine and scheduling. However, I’m not particularly interesting, I’m afraid, so you may end up getting lots of posts about cool new books and tv shows you should check out. 🙂

I can say this, that outside of Princess Poltergeist, I just had an experience that doesn’t come along very often: an idea comes out of nowhere and it’s just freaking tantalizing I want to start writing it right away. THAT does not happen often for me. Usually there’s lots of planning and thinking and hmm, where is this story going to go? But not this time. It was, like, all there. Or, almost all of it. Which is quite distracting because I normally spend a good deal of time getting to know the people and what they want.

I do know from experience, though, that I need to take the time to do the pre-writing. Otherwise, when I run out of the stuff I know (the scenes I’ve already watched in my head), I’ll be really stuck.

So, I’m working on piecing it together in spare moments when I’m taking a break from Princess Poltergeist.

I should also have an update about a potential school visit at the end of September/October.

But in the meantime, don’t forget GLEE comes back tonight! I’m so excited!!!

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