I’ve been a fan of Chuck Taylors (some of you may know them as Converse) since my sophomore year in college when I bought my first pair (w/blue and green plaid flannel…hey, it was the mid-nineties and flannel, baby, was hot!) My dad was amused. They were very retro to him because, as a kid growing up in the 50s and 60s, that’s what he wore.

So imagine my delight when I was browsing the web (read: procrastinating) and found that you can make your own custom Chucks! You can pick the colors, the pattern (no, thank you) and even have text put on the heel strip or the side. You can make Chucks with your school colors, your grad year, your upcoming college colors, whatever. I just love that!

Dude. I am so all over this. Now I just have to pick my colors and text. My book title (yes, I’m a dork and that was my FIRST thought) is too long. You only get 12 characters, unfortunately. Hmmm. Could maybe be Ghost & Goth–that’s only 10. But it sounds like a bar or a band name. 🙂

Go forth and design your custom Chucks here.

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