vampedbookWe’re talking about flawed characters over at Lucienne Diver’s blog. Lucienne is the author of the fabulous VAMPED.

Who are your favorite flawed characters? Dr. House and Starbuck are two of my favorites from TV.

Or, maybe you you don’t like flawed characters–I’ll admit sometimes I have a hard time with them because watching other people make mistakes makes me feel bad for them and squirm in sympathy and embarrassment for them.

Like Michael Scott from The Office. Sometimes I have to watch that show with my hands over my face because I feel SO bad for him. My husband laughs at me for this, but it helps and it’s progress compared to what my mom does. She leaves the room! 🙂

Come join in the discussion over at Lucienne’s blog! Also, it’s YA week this week, so there’ll be lots of fun posts from YA authors!

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