I had two YA panels on Thursday last week and learned about all kinds of new books that I can’t wait to buy. Lucienne Diver’s new book, Vamped, looks like a lot of fun. I picked up a copy yesterday! Rachel Vincent and Caitlin Kittredge also have upcoming novels that will go on my must-buy list. On our panels, Melissa Marr talked about Fragile Eternity, and I grabbed one of those at the book fair! Signed to me and everything. Yes, be very, very jealous. 🙂

I also bought Marianne Mancusi’s Razor Girl, which has a post-apocolyptic setting. Can I tell you how much I love post-apocolyptic stories? *happy sigh*

The downside is now I have to wait to read them all, even the ones I was able to buy right away. 🙁 I’m working on revising my proposal for a possible sequel to The Ghost and the Goth. And with being out of the loop in Orlando, but having tons of fun, for over a week, I’m now behind! Eek!

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